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Management Team

The SenseQue's Management team is comprised of a sweet combination of creative, visionary, and strategic minds. They extend their love for technology to the SenseQue family by cultivating a strong culture, and instilling passion in each one of us towards a common goal.

    “With over 22 years of experience in various fields of technology across domains in Media and IT, he has a penchant for emerging technologies and is the vision behind the enterprise.”

    Abhishek Gautam (Chief Executive)

    "He has extensive experience working with global enterprises from Retail, Media, Manufacturing, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, BFSI, Construction, IT industry segments helping them achieve their strategic digital initiatives. He is big fitness freak and strong believer of Indian tradition. His passion for growth, business acumen and restlessness for over 12 years makes him our Director - Business Development."

    Vikram Gaikwad (Director Business Development)

Core Team


    Sunil Kapadia (Chief Inovation Officer)

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    “An organized, self-starter who thinks outside the box, and appreciates having “Vibe” in her job description. She has a propensity toward extraversion, has a sense of humour and creates an atmosphere that brings people together.”

    Pooja Mishra (Business and Client Success Manager)