Transparency • Security • Traceability • Efficiency • Cost Effectiveness

What We Do

Payment processing and money transfers

Expedite the transfer of funds from one party to another and settle the transactions within a fraction of second

Monitor supply chains

Added transparency through supply chain connection with blockchain right-a-way from inspecting the goods produced till delivering the same to end consumer

Crowd sale

Crowd sale as a core of the projects. Cryptocurrency development offer optimized, steady, and secure ICO solutions which are custom- made to match client requirements

Data sharing

Blockchain could act as an intermediary to store and move this data to improve a host of industries

Hyperledger Development

Hyperledger for the progression of Blockchain technology in diversified business like banking, IoT and others. Assist clients to build decentralized enterprise applications using Hyperledger - one of the top Blockchain platforms

Smart Contract Development

Digital Contract Architecture, Smart Contract Design and Development, Smart Contract Auditing, Smart Contracts Optimization, Build Decentralized Applications

How We Do


Problem identification and motivation

Deal with complex cross-functional organizational workflow due to integration of various participants and different intra-organizational workflow management systems


Objectives of the solution

Reduced manual efforts, process time, hit costs, avoidance of paper-based process steps, increased trust and personal identification


Design and development

Blockchain-based prototype, facilitate cross-organizational workflow, outsource activities to smart contracts



Repeated end-to-end execution of key processes to demonstrate prototype functionalit



Criteria-based evaluation of prototype, comparison of non-blockchain solution and blockchain prototype, derive knowledge from technical evaluation of prototype



Publication of results